LeMel Williams


For over 25 years, I have been entrusted by name–brand companies to create visual design and technology solutions with HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, web development, design thinking, iterative design, lean-agile development practices, and writing, illustration, and presentation.


NOVEMBER 2018 – MARCH 2020
Macy’s, Inc. | San Francisco | Lab Manager, Web Innovation (Senior Software Engineer)

Responsible for project oversight and technical guidance for a multi-disciplinary team that designed and built prototypes and launched A/B feature tests on the premiere fashion retail site macys.com.

  • Coordinated test design and development of feature ideas among Product Management,
  • Engineering, Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX) and Analytics.
  • Pitched feature ideas across domains.
  • Communicated test results and recommended next steps.
  • Hybrid style agile development on 2-week iterations.
  • First-year incremental revenue on investment of 20:1 (2,000%)
Macy’s, Inc. | San Francisco | UI Developer (Software Engineer)

Front-end site feature development using HTML, CSS (SCSS), Javascript (Jquery, BackboneJS) in a managed code environment (git) for numerous high-profile site features including:

  • “More Like This”, a product feature concept I originated within Macy’s.
  • “Deals and Promos” page.
  • Site header navigation redesign I & II.
  • “Finders” – a quiz-style interactive banner for various families of business.
  • Product Image Optimization – internal tool for review and technical oversight of product image quality.
Macy’s, Inc. | San Francisco | Senior Content Engineer

As in the previous position, continued to be responsible for development of front-end web code with HTML , CSS , and Javascript in a managed code environment, with added responsibilities:

  • Provided technical support and code review of junior developers.
  • Held primary responsibility for product photography image quality in user interface.
  • Developed guidelines for optimization of product images via parameterized requests.
  • Maintained close consultation with creative partners in New York.
  • Presented research findings and initiative proposals to senior leadership.
  • Continued to develop and launch high-profile site pages
JULY 2008 – SEPTEMBER 2012
Macy’s, Inc. | San Francisco | Content Engineer

Responsible for production and release of delivered creative assets into web pages for this major American retailer.

  • Developed front-end web code in a managed code environment:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • JSP
    • XML
  • Developed guidelines for optimization of product images via parameterized requests.
  • Developed and launched high-profile site pages for high traffic days, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Released new site pages on a weekly cadence.
  • Held primary responsibility for coding HTML of daily national marketing emails.
Round Table Pizza, Inc. | Walnut Creek, CA | Web Developer, Graphic Designer

Responsible for web programming, user interface design, and graphic design for this well-known pizza franchise company’s public web site, branding materials, intranet business tools, presentations, and many other design and technology projects. I planned, managed and created interactive portals, tools, and business data displays using various web technologies including:

Web Development

  • Interactive data visualizations using Javascript and Flash.
  • Intranet pages using CSS, SQL.
  • Report pages using ASP, VBScript, and SQL.
  • Intranet portals using XML/XSLT as data transport, rendered with HTML and CSS.
  • Declarative user interface libraries for developers using XML/XSLT, CSS and JavaScript.

Graphic and Interactive Design

  • Redesigned and developed the Round Table Pizza homepage.
  • Designed and developed interactive features supporting 3 to 4 seasonal menu promotions per year.
  • Developed extensive branding materials and images using Photoshop, Illustrator, FreeHand, InDesign and PowerPoint.
  • Built visual training simulations in Flash with SQL, XML and ASP.
  • Improvements to the user-friendliness of existing tools by working with and educating clients.
  • Promotion and implementation of new technologies, such as blogs for internal clients.
  • Wrote and presented material to the organization about technology, design and communication.
  • Outstanding Contributor, 2004 (employees of the year)

Brand Strategy

As my career progressed, I was entrusted with responsibilities outside of design and web development,

  • Presenting, writing and leading informational sessions.
  • Leading and participating in company-wide strategic planning.
  • Leading brand development initiatives, working directly with senior executives.
1996 – 1999
George McWilliams Associates | San Francisco, CA | Graphic Designer, Transamerica Corporation

Provided graphic design and production support to George McWilliams for primary client TRANSAMERICA including:

  • Held primary responsibility for graphic production on all national print advertising.
  • Held primary responsibility for corporate identity maintenance.
  • Business presentations, including annual National Management Conference.
  • Intranet web pages.
  • Corporate communication including public quarterly financial reports, and shareholder information.
  • Established a cost-effective desktop video editing suite (early adoption technology) for small in-house projects at cost-savings.
  • Developed a custom no-code database app for studio workflow management (FileMaker Pro).
1993 – 1996
Visuals | San Francisco, CA | Graphic Designer

From 1995-1996, I was the leading contract designer for the agency for revenue over hours booked.

Created national print advertising, annuals, brochures, illustration, infographics, posters, signage, and presentations, using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark XPress, Microsoft Office Powerpoint and Excel

Provided extended in-house contract graphic design to:

  • Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Bechtel Engineering

With additional contract work for:

  • GT Global
  • ESPRIT (clothing)
  • McCann-Erickson (advertising agency)
  • Ketchum & Ketchum (advertising agency)
  • Andersen Consulting
  • Boston Consulting Group
1992 – 1994
ACTIAN (formerly as INGRES/ASK) | Alameda, CA | Marketing Project Assistant

Provided multifaceted support to Project Coordinator for Partner Marketing for this database software company. Planned and produced marketing collateral, including presentation design and graphic design of Value-Added Reseller (VAR) marketing materials using PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Quark XPress.

  • Planned and executed production of marketing collateral. 
  • Created sales information databases.
  • Designed sales and informational presentations.
  • Created graphic design of value-added reseller (VAR) marketing materials.
  • Provided technical support to VAR Marketing Team.
  • Provided administrative support to Marketing Project Coordinator.

Education, Training and Certifications

Google Data Analysis Certification (2022)
Capstone Project: Fitness Journeys: Using FitBit Sample Data to Inform Bellabeat Promotions
Certificate verification: https://www.coursera.org/verify/professional-cert/CZ9WCGKT6889

ThoughtWorks (2009) | Agile Fundamentals and Project Team Workshop

LearnIT, San Francisco (2003) | Microsoft .Net Web Development

University of California at Berkeley Extension (2003) | Human Computer Interface Workshop

Edward Tufte (2002) | Presenting Data and Information

San Francisco State University Extension (1994) | Macromedia Director Lingo Programming

University of California, Berkeley (1984-87) | 2 1/2 years undergraduate study: Computer Science (L&S)